Have you ever wondered what would happen if you said to your designer ‘surprise me I’ve seen it all’? …well here’s what happened at Design CLD when an experienced restaurateur came to us and said exactly that, followed by “What have you got?”

Well… it’s an unusual brief! He knew we could deliver cafes and restaurants…our portfolio is full of them…so, we took this opportunity to jump right out of the box and show him what we… and he, could do.

We knew our theme was not what he was expecting, but then again, one has to be fearless to think different. We focussed on his Italian heritage and kitsched it up into a whole new concept, all based around vegetarian soups, stews, and salads. We made it colourful, quirky and humorous – from the wallpaper to the serving dishes.

It was radical, untried, and a challenge to boot, so no, not this time – he ran with the back up Plan B. This was a while back now, but Plan A is a style that’s caught on, especially over the last couple of years. It demonstrates how, with a bit of courage, the right team, and plenty of determination, you can steal a march over the competition.

As designers, we find there’s no greater buzz than when we pop an idea in front of a client and they say ‘yes!! I’d never have thought of that!’. Especially so if that idea makes them more money – It’s what makes us tick.

If you’re the kind of client who’d love to see that wallpaper of people flying around on vegetables, hanging in a Kitschen somewhere, or you want to see how a fresh take might transform your brand. You’re the kind of client we’d love to meet.

Give us a call and prepare to be surprised.

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