The day after we were tasked to put together a scheme for a restaurant in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, we stood in a tired looking Thai restaurant drinking ginger tea, & talking tight deadlines. The new owner was voting for change. No more noodles for him. Instead, a relaxed rustic vibe, full of candles, trendy details and a bag load of Spanish flavour. Fun, but…. it had to be open pronto. We were onto it quicker than you can spell gazpacho. When there’s no time like now, hard work is the only way to pull a scheme together at the drop of a sombrero. Our shopping list of barn door panels, barrels, iron tiles and splashes of coppery colour did the trick. It proved to be a perfect combination for Sibarita’s menu of feisty Spanish dishes, cheese and wine. A tall order? Definitely, but when pulled out all the stops, it was delivered…. comfortably.

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