At the age of thirty seven the architect Le Corbusier proclaimed “a house is a machine for living in”, it’s a quote that seems to lend weight to a tyranny of modernist white, but that’s a misinterpretation. Corb, an artist as well as an architect often used colour and texture to lend emphasis and atmosphere to his work. When it comes to houses we prefer a different quote, once said by a much younger but nonetheless perceptive three year old commentator on design, “Home is like a warm teddy bear that you can live inside”. The two quotes highlight the difference between a house and a home and we keep them both in mind when clients say “We want simple, minimal, lots of white”. Of course we listen, but it’s always worth digging a little deeper. Perhaps what they really seek is a relaxing, meditative, spiritual space to insulate them from the hectic world outside, er… a bit like a big teddy bear. Well here’s an instance ¬†where the client agreed. They’d tried white and found it soulless. So we kept it simple but added warmth by mixing natural weaves with metallic greys and silks to create a neutral and comfortable interior. Signature rugs and accessories provided a splash of personality and colour. The client loved it. After all, who’d live in a machine.

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