One to one retailing

Not all retailers can rely solely on attractive displays to make the sale. Sometimes high ticket prices demand a personal touch and customers often rely on one to one advice from expert consultants to help them make the right decision.

We enable this to happen by designing relaxed and professional interiors that help put customers at ease and encourage them to trust your consultants. Design CLD have developed our understanding of one to one retailing through our work with established retailers:

  • Pravins Jewellers
  • Home security specialists, Banham
  • Property consultants, Utopia and Regent Estates
  • Travel agents, Thomas Cook

At first glance, it seems strange to group these diverse shops together but they actually share some important characteristics:

  • They employ highly trained expert consultants
  • They sell high value items or services
  • Every sale is uniquely negotiated, designed or modified to suit the customer
  • Sales are often conducted across a desk or in a sales lounge

We use our knowledge to support one to one retailers by focussing our effort on sales positions, seamlessly integrating power, data and lighting, and carefully framing sight lines to maximise the impact of displays, offers and retail image.

Spotlight on design for one to one retailing

One to one retailing projects

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