Whether you’re a retailer or eatery, Instagram should be at the forefront of your social media marketing strategy. It represents an opportunity to reach out to millions of active users eager to see and share visually appealing and shareable content. Social Media is the glue that connects consumers to brands and retailers. So, how can we at Design CLD help you to create an in-store experience that will allow users to hash tag and share? Here are our top tips.

Having beautiful walls is a very cheap and easy way to let people create their photo backdrops or create an environment they want to be ‘seen’ in. With our client – Waka, we created a graffiti wall backdrop – perfect for those mid-lunch Selfies.

You may also want to consider your lighting. You need to be able to create the perfect mood for your client, focus attention on products and be able to take a successful photo. For Jewellery retailer Pravins, we use soft atmospheric lights in the overall unit combined with strong illumination spotlighting the products. In the VIP area we suggested sparkly overhead lighting to help instagrammers make a shot of their purchase – perfect for sharing and word of mouth marketing.

Clever and creative merchandising will also have your fans snapping and sharing. To encourage this we can source unusual displays such as snooker tables and old front doors or create your very own bespoke features that tie everything together. It’s the job of a design company to take all this on board and create successful insta-ready environments that customers want to buy, share, and be seen in. It‘s a sure fired way to get noticed and put your outlet on the map!

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